1-1 Sessions

Our 1-1 sessions are probably not what you have seen before, and by that, we mean that we will not be putting you on a machine which can be used by anyone with little effort on the trainers part.
On your initial visit to the gym, our qualified and insured trainer will complete a consultation. This will involve a variety of small tests, don’t worry it will only be to look at your starting fitness level so the sessions will be tailored to your every need.
This consultation will also be the time for you and your trainer to discuss the ideal goals you wish to achieve. You will also be able to explain to the trainer if you have any existing medical conditions that may interfere/affect your training. In some cases, the trainer may request that you get a 'fit to exercise' letter from your doctor/physiotherapist.
The trainer will also talk you through your nutrition/diet, you will discuss your daily routine so a tailored meal plan can be prepared for you if you would like one.
These sessions are for everyone from kids (5+), keep fitters that wish to lose weight/tone up to boxers who are fighting on a show.

1-1 Sessions are £20 per session and can be booked by calling 07930 474922

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